Gel supplements

Premium nutrients for food supplementation

Why a gel?

The gel matrix of water, guar and xanthan is the foundation of the Berry.En® gel supplements. The nutrients suspendend or dissolved in the gel matrix, reach the intestinal tract after a quick passage through the stomach where they can subsequently be transferred into the metabolism. The gel matrix itself is a vegan compound and supports the intestinal peristalsis as an indigestable fiber. The consistently natural formulation and the refusal of using any kind of colorants, preservatives and fillers, underline the extraordinary premium quality of the 25g gel packs (equivalent to a daily portion). Berry.En® gel supplements are not only natural and tolerated very well but also have a pleasant taste.

Stay flexible

Well-functioning joints are crucial for our mobility and thus for our quality of life. Healthy cartilage enables smooth movements and serves as a shock absorber, as it provides a protective layer around the joint surfaces. 70 percent of the joint cartilage consists of collagen that keeps the joints flexible and smooth. In the course of a lifetime, a more or less strong strain of our joints occurs, for example through physical activity that may reach the field of extreme sports. But also a lack of exercise and overweight can afflict our joints, for example when muscular mass which drive the joints and absorb some of the kinetik energy, is degenerating. The bones are not able to manage this task by themselves. Moreover, the ageing process leads to a natural degeneration of collagen.

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The daily joint nutrition...

  • 10g of pure collagen hydrolysate per gel-pack
  • Fortigel® from prestigious german produce
  • Vitamin C for better collagen synthesis
  • With mango flavor

Elixir of life

Aloe vera is considered to be one of the oldest medicinal plants in human history. Also known as ‚lily of the desert‘, it experiences a true renaissance for several years and is regarded as a source for vitality, beauty and health. The stiff and fleshy leaves with thorns on the sides, provide a very particular natural treasure: A watery gel that is rich in many vital substances. Externally it is mainly applied against skin irritations because it has a soothing, cooling and moisturizing effect. But also used internally for millenniums, men benefit from the health-promoting ingredients of Aloe vera.

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An ancient elixir of life...

  • With food quality aloe vera
  • Contains natural blossom honey
  • For detoxification of the body
  • Regulates the acid-base-balance

Dark Fruit Blend

Antioxidants are generally secondary plant substances. Unlike fats, proteins and carbohydrates, these substances have no nutritional value for us humans - thus ‚secondary’ - but perform another important task: In the wild, they protect from natural enemies, mainly though from oxidative stress that occurs from excessive solar radiation (UV light) and may promote the formation of aggressive oxygen molecules, so-called ‚free radicals‘. Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals which, in abundance, may accelerate the ageing process. Colourants that give berries their dark red, blue and also violet-black colour, have an antioxidative effect. Also certain bitter compounds which are for example present in green tea. They all have in common that they belong to a major group of plant substances: The polyphenols. Berry.En has embraced their specific antioxidative effect and devoloped a plant-based gel that contains plenty of natural antioxidants.

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The daily portion of berries, fruits and plants...

  • Dark fruit mix
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • With OPC from grape seed extract
  • Fruity berry flavor

Inside out beauty

Everyone of us wants to look radiant and attractive. However, our skin structure changes due to the ageing process and environmental influences. As a major component of tissue, hair, nails and particularly the skin, collagen plays a major role in this scenario. When the concentration of collagen decreases, the skin gradually loses its elasticity and tightness. The tissue slackens, resulting in sagging and increase of wrinkle depth. Collagen is mostly known in the form of skin care products that contain more or less collagen and which are supposed to compensate, by external use, the collagen degeneration of the skin in particular. Regarding this, Berry.En pursues a different approach: By the intakt of specific collagen peptides in gel-formula, not only the skin is being provided with collagen. Nails and hair also benefit from that by becoming stronger and firmer.

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Beauty that radiates from inside...

  • 2,5g of pure collagen peptides per gel pack
  • VERISOL® from prestigious German produce
  • Vitamin C from acerola against free radicals
  • With raspberry pomegranate flavor

Minerals + Vitamins

Calcium is the main component of bones and teeth and essential for the regulation of the metabolism. A sufficient and regular supply of calcium to the body from childhood on can ensure the targeted prevention of the long-term effects of a calcium undersupply, such as bone degeneration. Magnesium, the so-called 'anti-stress mineral' has a positive effect on muscle relaxation and also plays an important role in the body's energy metabolism in which it activates a large variety of enzymes. The minerals calcium and magnesium are essential because the body cannot produce them by itself and thus is dependent on a sufficient external supply. Especially during sports and exercise, physical and mental stress, during growth phases and old age there is an increased demand for calcium and magnesium.

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The daily boost of calcium, magnesium, vitamins and micronutrients...

  • Calcium and magnesium in the ratio of 2:1
  • Natural vitamin C from acerola
  • Trace elements such as zinc and copper
  • Creamy peach flavor

Shape intense

Overweight does not occur from one day to the other but are a long-term consequence of a one-sided and caloric diet. Physical inactivity also promotes the development of overweight. Whoever wants to lose weight, may not be able to avoid cutting the caloric intake or alternatively burn more calories. However, crash diets that promise quick results, are the wrong approach. Appetite suppressants with chemical substances are not recommendable as well, due to possible unpleasant side effects. In the long run, only a varied and healthy diet with plenty of vital substances, healthy fats, proteins and dietary fiber, combined with sporting activity can lead to a permanent weight loss. In doing so, a natural weight management product can have a supportive effect.

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Power ingredients from nature for a healthy weight management...

  • With caffeine from green coffee beans and mate
  • Contains all B vitamins including folic acid
  • Choline for a normal functioning of the liver
  • With ice coffee flavor

Keep the Beat

Unlike any other organ of the human body, the heart is a symbol for vitality. The heart muscle with its pumping action is at the core of the cardiovascular system which ensures that our body is provided with sufficient oxygen and important nutrients. Because the heart is one of the most essential organs it must be kept in good condition. This also applies to the blood vessels which carry the blood to and away from the heart.

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Fitness for the cardiovascular system...

  • 75mg Pycnogenol® per gel pack
  • Resveratrol from japanese knotweed
  • Essential vitamins (E and folic acid)
  • With orange flavor

Cell Energy

Life has once begun in the ocean which is why we feel ourselves closely connected to this biosphere. The seas do not only serve as a source for well-being and inspiration but also provide us with an unbelievable fullness of healthy foods that not only coastal inhabitants know to appreciate. Thus, besides omega-3 rich fish, seaweed has also been an important food source for us humans. 

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The additional energy boost for a healthy immune system...

  • With the extract from the brown seaweed Fucus vesiculosus
  • Contains highly concentrated polysaccharides
  • With refreshing lime flavor
  • Free from salt and iodine

Natural Energy

Physical and athletic challenges as well as specific intellectual activities require power and mental concentration. Regarding this, many of us experience that coffee has a reviving effect and that its caffeine helps to stay alert physically and mentally. With the natural sweetness of fruits and fruit juices, we can also ‚fuel’ body and mind. In order to receive energy and also stimulating caffeine quickly and efficiently, Berry.En has developed a gel, based on the premium nutrition drink B.EN, which includes caffeine-containing plant extracts as well as carbohydrates in the form of concentrated fruit juices and Palatinose™.

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With natural caffeine from guarana, green tea and the hulls of coffee cherries...

  • Contains 75mg of natural caffeine per gel pack
  • With choline to support brain activity
  • Sustainable energy through Palatinose™
  • With the fruity and slightly bitter taste of B.EN

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