A plain powder with amazing features and why it belongs to THE discoveries among vital substances.

Article from Tue, 15. November 2016

The most important facts about this natural allrounder

  • Pycnogenol® refers to a specific natural extract that is derived from the bark of the pine variety Pinus pinaster
  • This pine variety grows exclusively at the atlantic coast of Southwestern France 
  • The maritime pine forests in the province of Acquitaine are one of the largest in Europe; the trees grow naturally, without any herbicides and pesticides
  • The bark is not subject to seasonal variations which guarantees a consistent premium quality of the extract
  • Due to over 40 years of extensive scientific research, the patented extract Pycnogenol® is one of the most researched ingredients for natural health products
  • All of theses studies have shown 'blood vessel dilating' and 'anti-flammatory' properties of Pycnogenol®
  • Pycnogenol® also reduces the signs of skin aging ('anti-aging‘)

Berry.En products containing Pycnogenol®:

  • PULZ™
    Nutritional gel especially formulated to support a healthy cardio-vascular system
    A luxurious and nourishing skin care line especially formulated to reduce the signs of skin aging