Water is life

Why natural spring water is the best thirst quencher and drinking sufficient amounts of it is so important.

Artikel vom jeu., 27. octobre 2016

The most important facts about the miracle element

  • Water (H2O) is the foundation of all life on earth; an adult consists of 70% of water
  • Chemically, water consists of the elements oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) and is the only chemical compound on this planet which appears as a liquid (water), solid (ice) and as a gas (water steam)
  • Most adults do not drink sufficiently, women even less compared to men
  • Water is extremely important for the physical performance; we can survive without food for about 30 days, yet without water for only 4 to 7 days 
  • Headache, reduced concentrativeness, mouth dryness and nausea as well as mostly dark urine colour, can often be related to insufficient liquid intake
  • On the one hand, water serves as a means of transportation for blood, urine and sweat, on the other it works as a solvent for the metabolism within cells
  • Moreover, it regulates the body temperature. Through evaporation at the body surface, it deprives the organism of heat in the form of body sweat
  • Our body daily loses plenty amounts of water and these losses must be compensated by drinking
  • Already a water loss of 0,5% can result into feelings of thirst
  • Sufficient water intake reduces the risk of kidney disease and uropathies because of the flush-out of toxins; it is also important for a regular digestion and an aid against troublesome constipation
  • Drinking water keeps skin and mucous membranes smooth and is a perfect ‚anti-aging‘ remedy; it also promotes weight loss because it reduces feelings of hunger
  • The daily water amount for each person is very individual; Some suggest 1,5 liters, others 3 liters per day; a part is already covered by food intake as well
  • Increased physical activity and higher outdoor temperatures increase our water requirement
  • It is best to listen to what your body needs and to adjust the water amount accordingly; Try to avoid excessive feelings of thirst and don’t delay your water intake for a longer time, in order to avoid the symptoms of dehydration as described above
  • Pure water in the form of spring and mineral water is ideal to cover the daily water requirements because it has no calories and also provides essential minerals