The wellness philosophy

20 guidelines for more well-being, happiness and a positive attitude to life.

Cikkszám sze, 05. április 2017

We are what we think

  • Each day, you can choose happiness and contentment. When you start the day with a smile, the things that you have to do will slide more easily. Finish the day by showing yourself grateful for everything that turned out positively instead of wearying yourself with the things that didn’t run according your plan. It will work out next time then!
  • You only have one body. And that will also be the body which was once given to you, even when you are 50, 60 or 80. At a young age, we overtax it without considering the consequences that often occur when we are getting older. For this reason, be tender with yourself and give your body the kind of attention it deserves.
  • Problems turn out to be problems if you let it happen. Some problems are bigger than others, but they are only as big as the way in which you react to them. Again, you can make a decision: „Is this a step backwards or a challenge that can make me grow as a personality?!“
  • It is not bad to fail. Even the most successful people have had to accept failures. They just don’t talk about them. ;) Each failure brings you closer to success. Don’t consider them to be obstacles, but companions. And when you learn from them, they weren’t for nothing.
  • The only way to understand someone is to follow suit. There is so much to discover. Listen, read and observe. Only through your own experience you can understand and evaluate something that was unknown before. 
  • The reactions of other people mostly reveal more about them than they do about you. While you are thinking that someone may not be pleased about what you have just said, that person possibly thinks about not having reacted appropriately to you or having something between his or her teeth. :)
  • You shouldn’t hinge your actions and attitudes on how other people might perceive them. People can be quite fickle and change their mind quickly - and while you are still making great efforts in complying with them, they most likely have changed their beliefs again. You are only wasting precious lifetime when you try to be the person that others would like to see in you.
  • Your mind is the most powerful instrument that you possess. Most of the times, it is only a slight change in your mindset that makes the difference between failure and success. The belief in yourself is what all successful people have in common. Whether they are top athletes, business people or artists.
  • For sure, there are more important things in life than looking good. But if it is a pleasure for you to put on make-up or go to the hairdresser regularly, there is nothing wrong with it. The exterior reflects the inner attitude. The choice of your clothes can also have a positive impact on your self-esteem. Sometimes, little things make the difference and help you to feel better, for example cooling silk on your skin in the summertime.
  • Your body language speaks out louder than your words. It doesn’t matter what you say when you convey something totally different to your conversation partner through your body.
  • Say „Thank You!“ much more often than „Please!“.
  • If you want to be good at something, you have to learn loving it. Athletes for example are not necessarily born with super talent, they just love to exercise. They put up with the monotony of training that occurs inevitably and accept it with stoic serenity as part of the training process, instead of fighting against it or discontinuing an this point. Only that makes them successful in the long run.
  • A smile never hurt anyone. But why are we so afraid of it? It has nothing to do with being weak, ridiculous or childish. With a smile, you show the best human features such as kindness, contentness and empathy and also give other people the positive feeling of appreciation. 
  • Small gestures of kindness just feel great and they are mostly better than standing on the ‚receiving end’. Try to do something good to someone each day and you will see how this enriches your life.
  • Family is important. Often times, we take the easy way out by taking family for granted, but when we get older, we value them more and more. You will not know why, but you will recognize how important family is and that it will always be.
  • Sometimes, the sad and destructive things that surround us can overwhelm us and pulling us down. But we can try to accept them and focus on the positive.  
  • The only person that you can control is yourself. You have the control over your thoughts, your actions and most of the times, your emotions. Trying to control a thing or person will only lead to disappointments. If you really want to be free and independent, you must learn to handle your own thoughts, actions and emotions.
  • In case you cop yourself complaining about everything, you have two options: Go on complaining or change something. The former is just an endless circle of discontent, so just let it go!
  • Some friends are there for a lifetime, most come and go, however - and this is completely normal. You don’t have to be friends forever just because you are having a great time at the moment. Appreciate this time and remember it gladly in case it should be over at one point.
  • There is no substitute for taking care of oneself. It will give you more in the morning to pass a short work-out than staying in bed for extra 30 minutes. Eating healthy - at least most of the times - just feels better than constantly scoffing fatty and high-calorie foods without plenty of nutrients and feeling tired and floppy afterwards. You are what you eat!