Products for modern nutritional optimization without compromises

‚Premium Nutrition‘ does not only stand for a modern food supplementation. Moreover, our premium nutritional products are supposed to be a contribution for a holistic and healthy lifestyle so that deficiency symptoms preferably do not occur. Our supplements are not only built around usual active ingredients such as 'vitamins and minerals' but especially contain natural substances whose effect on our health many people are not aware of but which can be proven in scientific studies, for example the pine bark extract Pycnogenol®. When it comes to product development, we do not accept any compromises: Only the best ingredients are processed. From the trial period to the mailable end product. And of course, all supplements by Berry.En undergo regular microbial analyses and stability tests to ensure a consistent excellent quality.


Berry.En's Premium Nutrition concept enables many people to optimize their daily diets with top-quality and natural nutrients in a way that is easy and efficient. With cutting edge research and technologies, Berry.En together with nutrition specialists and scientists has developed premium nutrition products for daily optimisation on the basis of berries, fruit, plants and other extracts. Due to our Quality Management we are able to trace every single ingredient back to its origin. The appeal of Berry.En Products lies in their functionality, exclusiveness and a unique taste.


From nature to the consumer

Just like nature produces the most amazing fruit from the tiniest of cells, small regional niches often develop into big trends. The task of Berry.En is to recognise these trends early and to bridge the gap between raw materials delivered by nature and the end consumer. We do this by developing innovative products made from fruit, berries, plants and other extracts, which are based on cutting-edge scientific research and technologies. In combination with user-friendly and innovative packaging concepts and designs, Berry.En makes these Premium Nutrition Products available to a steadily growing and enthusiastic group of customers, who care about their nutrition. This is a complex and demanding task, and we are well aware of this and ready for the challenge.

Raw materials

Highest quality standards - always

Fruit, berries, plants and other natural raw materials are selected according to stringent specifications and then processed using environmentally friendly production technologies. With this basis for our Premium Nutrition Products, nothing is left to chance, even before the actual production. Together with our partners we have secured a continuous and clustered access to our raw materials on the world markets. This minimises our risk and gives us security during fluctuations of available quantities and quality.

Made in Germany

'Made in Germany' stands for tradition and modernity at the same time. 'Made in Germany' is as much a glorious past as it is a future full of opportunity. Thus, we not only create jobs for people from our region. In this way, we can also ensure that our customers receive products that meet the highest possible standards of quality. Because this is what the worldwide acknowledged quality label ‚Made in Germany' represents. Berry.En is a medium-size German company with its headquarters in Obrigheim, Neckar, and is proud to be part of a quality trademark which is highly respected all over the world. The consequent implementation of 'Made in Germany' is central to our business philosophy. We chose Germany as our base, as it offers unique possibilities for efficient and effective cooperation with local experts, one of the best infrastructures in the world and the availability of highly developed and innovative technologies.