Why Berry.En?

People like their consumer goods simpler and more practical. In order to develop sustainable product and marketing concepts for the 21st century, a new kind of thinking is required.

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Products for modern nutritional optimization without compromises

Our vision

Berry.En has the vision to enable more people a better, more active and happier life, with premium and natural products. The key to this is to understand their needs - in everyday stress, an optimal diet is not always easy to accomplish. Therefore, Berry.En daily works in the fields of research, product development and consulting to close this gap so that a perfect diet can be also implemented into a hectic lifestyle.

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What others say about Berry.En:

  • "The nutritional gels by Berry.En are really different. You can take them with you and use them anytime, wherever you are. Just rip the gel-pack and enjoy! It not only tastes very good but for example provides you with the daily portion of collagen that is important for the joints..."

  • "With Berry.En PREMIUM SKIN NUTRITION also the skin gets plenty of nutrients. Without a functioning skin barrier, the best anti-wrinkle injection is useless. The skin also needs fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants so that it keeps its balance and looks radiant, healthy and young for a long time!"

  • "B.EN ENERGY is extremely practical during sports. When you get tired while you’re running, you instantly get new energy. The gel tastes just as fruity as the premium nutrition drink B.EN and contains natural caffeine and the long-chained carbohydrate Palatinose® that gives long-lasting energy."

  • "The bioavailability of the gels is also much higher compared to tablets and capsules because vitamins, minerals and other substances are already dissolved and can be better absorbed by the body. That is why no water is required for intake!"

  • "With Berry.En ORGANIC, a healthy diet is real fun! You can superbly combine the single mixtures for tasty mueslis, porridges and even protein drinks. And they can also be used for healthy baking and cooking..."

Made in Germany - Tradition and modernity at the same time

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Gourd - the underestimated fruit vegetable

When it comes to gourd or pumpkin, most people think of Halloween. But using it only as autumn decoration is too bad. Why you should eat plenty of this fruit vegetable whose plant family also includes...

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