The practical benefit, the appealing design of our products and of course what they are made of….. coupled with a certain awareness of life they create new opportunities. In particular, not only to do something for your own well-being and health but to also grow on a personal level and to generally advance in life. Our products are used by many health- and diet-conscious people around the globe, to optimize their daily diet and for skin care.

In a globalized time in which everything is turning faster and faster, where trends are coming fast and also vanish as fast as they came along, it requires sustainable product and marketing concepts, in short: A new way of thinking. Hence, we are regionally rooted with Berry.En but open ourselves to the world at the same time: Our customers receive their products directly without intermediate trade. Berry.En stands for a people to people business.

About us

At the service of the company

Our highest principle is to think and act sustainably and with a long-term view. That is why every day we choose the direct way to our customers and partners. We want to be the most customer friendly company in our industry and always remain self-critical in order to continuously improve, even in phases of highest success. In order to guarantee excellent customer service today and over the next years, a trustful and reliable relationship with our partners is central to our business philosophy.

Sustainability as a path into the future

As globalisation has made the world more and more complicated, people have begun to see things differently. As production plants are moved abroad, this often does not result in the promised benefits, if you look at the production chain as a whole. In the future, it is going to become increasingly important to establish whole production chains according to the principles of sustainability and environmental protection.

A finger on the pulse of time

Berry.En with its headquarters in Germany has all attributes in order to adapt quickly and flexibly to international and changing market requirements, while at the same time satisfying the needs of its customers and partners. Constant enhancement and development of our product range, forward-looking strategies and the early discovery of new trends are the core tasks of the company. Berry.En is built on solid foundations in order to maintain and increase its success on the market.


Combined expertise of an international team

When several experts with complementary abilities and experiences join together to form a strong team, competent management can grow from this. This is exactly what happened at Berry.En. Added up, the company has more than 75 years of management experience at its disposal. Concentrated know-how from the areas of business management, marketing, health ingredients, public relations, customer relations, IT, software development, design and logistics guarantee that important decisions are consistently made with maximum competence and in step with actual practice. At Berry.En, the paths to decisions are generally short and productive.