Blue, purple, dark red...

Eat plenty of dark-coloured fruits and vegetables - we let you know why.

Článok z St, 15. február 2017

These plant colours are a class of their own

  • So-called anthocyanins are responsible for the blue, purple and red colour of fruits and vegetables
  • They protect the plants or their fruits from strong ultraviolet radiation of the sun
  • Anthocyanins are a subgroup of polyphenols which are also called secondary plant substances or phytocemicals; these substances do not have any nutritional value for humans as it is the case with proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Not only colourants such as the anthocyanins belong to the polyphenols, but also compounds that give fruits and vegetables their characteristic taste (e.g. specific bitter-tasting compounds and tannins)
  • Over 600 forms of naturally occurring anthocyanins could be found so far
  • The protective properties of anthocyanins can also be of great importance for humans
  • Studies have shown a positive impact on inflammatory processes in the body
  • The bonding of free radicals by anthocyanins could also be observed; free radicals are aggressive oxygen molecules that appear as a result of metabolic processes within our cells. An excess of free radicals may cause ‚oxidative stress‘, which is held responsible for the aging process
  • Anthocyanins are therefore especially known for their antioxidative effect
  • Therefore, fruits and vegetables with a blue, blue/black, purple and even red colour are particularly rich in antioxidants
  • These include the following vegetables: eggplants, beetroot, red cabbage, lolo rosso salad
  • Among fruits, berries are especially rich in colourants such as acai berries, wild blueberries, blackberries, black currants, but also other fruits such as black grapes, plums, pomegranate and blood oranges
  • Smoking, UV radiation, a one-sided diet with less vital substances as well as excessive exercise and mental and emotional stress can lead to oxidative stress
  • Take care for a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables that are rich in colourants; beside antioxidants, they also provide your body plenty of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre

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